Our Recent Hawaii Trip

hawaii blue lagoon

One of my favorite destinations we’ve ever covered was Hawaii, just a couple weeks ago.  We went to the Kapa’a Beach House in Kauai at the Blue Lagoon.  I have to warn you in advance that if you visit this place, you may never want to leave.  It’s unbelievably beautiful.  The beach house sits on a perfect, tropical shoreline in view of a majestic waterfall.  With a little bit of sun, there’s a seemingly unending rainbow; the colors are deep blue, lime green, purple, yellow, red.  It’s gorgeous.

Step outside onto the veranda and you have one hell of a view.  You can see down to the lower decks, but you can also see out into the distance.  And what a view it is.  You’ll notice a huge, blue ocean, mountains all over the place, the famous volcano, and island views unlike anything you’ve seen before.  Walk downstairs, past the 2 private rooms and the balcony, and there’s a nice pool for you to relax in while you plan your day.  Step outside of the building and walk down the gated path to the edge of the complex to step into nature.

Keep following the pavers until you reach the edge of the beach.  You’ll see a small boat harbor right next to the Blue Lagoon.  They do private boat tours if you want them, but you can also rent the boat and take it out yourself, which we highly recommend based on previously submitted user feedback.  One of our guests got lost in a cove and decided to go snorkeling.  Other visitors went out and had some fun on the beach minus their clothing.

If boating isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other activities you can consider.  You can do some deep sea fishing and catch some gigantic tropical fish, you can take a helicopter tour up the volcano and stare into the abyss, you can rent kayaks and canoes to paddle around the local area and check out the scenery.  It’s quite spectacular.  We heavily suggest bringing a camera with a large SD card because you’re almost guaranteed to fill it up.

If you want to try something completely different and unrelated to water, go golfing at Kapalua.  There are some amazing PGA tour golf courses right along the coast that offer a challenging experience where famous golfing professionals compete each year at various events.  After golf, grab a motorcycle and speed through the mountains to the top peak where you can see out over the whole island.  There is no view quite like that one.

Back near the hotel, there’s a small grassy area that hides one of our favorite beaches, the hidden cove.  With crystal clear water and not a person in sight, this private beach is perfect for a romantic walk that leads to more.  The white sand is as soft as ever, embracing your toes as you step across it.  Small waves of warm water crash into shore as you watch tropical fish swim around your legs.  When you’re done experiencing this little slice of heaven. The only item I forgot to mention was the food.  That’s awesome too!  There is a collection of international restaurants from Latin America, Europe, and Asia that provide a diverse menu that caters to anyone’s diet.  Listen to some relaxing Hawaiian music as you enjoy a dinner fit for a king at an outdoor location.  And then afterwards, if you’re the fit type, there’s a gym that’s close by so you can work out and get in shape.  We highly recommend this area.