Comped Stay at the Hotel on Waikiki

I recently booked a trip to Waikiki for some perfect sandy beaches and great surfing. I flew into O’ahu on Tuesday and was enjoying my stay on the south shore of the island for a few days before something happened. I checked into the hotel, walked down to the bar, and tripped over a crack in the concrete. The concrete’s surface was very coarse and had multiple fissures from poor maintenance. I was surprised that Kool deck applications were not done to create the non-slip surface. The manager attended to me and then began looking for local cement companies to repair the cracks in the concrete. He then found a local concrete service online at and requested an estimate to fill in the cracks and seal the concrete surface. The quote came out to $723, which was surprisingly low since the entire slab needed to be either resurfaced or replaced. The hotel comped the rest of my stay and also gave me a free voucher for jet skiing and drinks as an apology for the concrete problems. I think it was actually a sign because I’m not happy with my current career and was thinking about checking out some alternate options. Becoming a concrete professional doesn’t sound all that bad. You get to create new cement structures, design attractive colors and stamped patterns, and help businesses keep their patrons safe from falling. We’ll see what happens from here.